Many of these will be in Tisbury Library when reopened.

A Genius for money. Business, art and the Morrisons. Pub by Yale University Press 2011. ISBN 978-0-300-11220-7. Cost c.£40 hardback from Yale University Press (online) and elsewhere.

This is the spectacular rags-to-riches story of James Morrison (1789–1857), who began life humbly but through hard work and entrepreneurial brilliance acquired a fortune unequalled in nineteenth-century England. Using the extensive Morrison archive, Caroline Dakers presents the first substantial biography of the richest commoner in England, recounting the details of Morrison’s personal life while also placing him in the Victorian age of enterprise that made his success possible.

Clouds – The Biography of a Country House. Caroline Dakers. Pub by Yale University Press 1993. ISBN 0-300-05776-8. Out of print so available through Amazon, Abe Books etc.

This book is essentially a study of British aristocratic and artistic patronage of the arts in the under-explored period after 1850, approached through an intensive look at a single house – Clouds, known as “the house of the age”. It was built by the glamorous and unconventionally gifted Percy and Madeline Wyndham, and designed by Philip Webb, one of Britain’s greatest architects. It became one of the centres of artistic and political life in late-Victorian and Edwardian Britain, and set the style for a whole generation of country house living

Collett’s Farthing Newspaper – The Bowerchalke Village Newspaper 1878 – 1924 Rex Sawyer

The Hobnob Press – 2004

ISBN: 0-946418-22-5

Educating Tisbury! – the slides of Tim Battle’s presentation at the THS meeting in February 2020.

Essentially, a tour through the “Early modern” period, the 18C, 19C, and the 20C with information about the history of education nationally; details of schools in and around Tisbury; and comments about schools and schooling. Available from the author at

Focus on Tisbury 2001 to 2016 -Currently out of print

ISBN 978-1-9999228-0-1

Martin Shallcross

Fonthill Recovered. A cultural historyCaroline Dakers. Published by UCLPress 2018 ISBN 978-1-78735-046-5. Available FREE online through the UCLPress website. Can also be ordered from UCLPress hardback (£60) and paperback (£40)

Fonthill Recovered draws on histories of art and architecture, politics and economics to explore the rich cultural history of this famous Wiltshire estate. The first half of the book traces the occupation of Fonthill from the Bronze Age to the twenty-first century. The second half of the book consists of essays on specific topics, including the complex history of the designed landscape, the sources of the Beckfords’ wealth, and one essay that features the most recent appearance of the Abbey in a video game. 

Forests of the Dinosaurs: Wiltshire’s Jurassic Finale

John E Needham

ISBN 10: 1906978018 / ISBN 13: 9781906978013 Published by The Hobnob Press

Little Imber on the Down – Salisbury Plain’s Ghost Village- Rex Sawyer

The Hobnob Press – 2010

ISBN: 978-1-906978-24-2

Nadder – tales of a Wiltshire Valley- Rex Sawyer

The Hobnob Press – 2006

ISBN: 978-0-946418-53-4

Salisbury Plain – a Second Selectioncompiled by Peter Daniels and Rex Sawyer

The History Press – 1999

ISBN: 978-0-752410-28-9

The Grotto Makers.   Joseph and Josiah Lane of Tisbury. – author Christina Richard

published by The Hobnob Press in 2018    ISBN no.978-1-906978-54-9. The book is on sale, price £14.95, at Tisbury Post Office but can also be obtained from the author at: or from the publisher.

This is the story of the lives of father and son Joseph and Josiah Lane, from Tisbury, who became grotto builders, acknowledged experts in their specialty, but the sort of craftsmen whose expertise is not normally recorded in official histories.  They were responsible for many of the mysterious, decorative, thrilling grottoes which appeared during the 18th century in English landscape gardens, including Stourhead, Painshill, Fonthill, Oatlands Park, Claremont, Bowood, and Bowden Park.  It is an affectionate look at their lives and work.

Tisbury and Nadder Valley Through Time- Rex Sawyer

Amberley Publishing – 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4456-08310

Wiltshire Follies  – Jonathan Holt

ISBN: 9781445684895

Amberley Publishing

Wiltshire Gate Lodges – A  Guide and Gazetteer – James Holden

ISBN 978-1-906978-58-7

The Hobnob Press on behalf of Wiltshire Buildings Record.